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Our Conestoga covered trailers get called upon for some of our clients most complex jobs, due to their versatility and ease of use while being some of the most secure trailers on the market.

Conestoga trailers are basically flatbed trailers with a hard shell giving complete protection to the freight inside. They offer more coverage than use tarps to tie down and protect cargo, and reduce the occurrence of tarps damaging the cargo they're attempting to protect. Conestoga trailers can be loaded and unloaded with ease, so fragile and valuable cargo takes less risk of damage throughout the shipping process.

Nationwide Transport Service operates a fleet of Conestoga trailers prepared to help you carry out any tough shipping tasks. Our team of logistics experts can assist you in planning your orders and lend you peace of mind that your valuable cargo will reach the specified destination on time and without damage.

Call today for more information on Nationwide Transport's reliable Conestoga shipping services. Our customer service specialists are happy to give you a full rundown of the services offered, as well as quotes and estimates to get you started with the most reliable shipping company around.

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