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If you need to move a car over a long distance, but you don't want to use a car shipping service, we offer a drive away service as an alternative. In this situation, Nationwide Transport assigns a driver to personally drive your vehicle to its destination in a way that removes the hassle for our clients.

Advantages of Drive Away Service

Using our drive away transport instead of standard car shipping can be less expensive and quicker. Rather than waiting until a car carrier is full enough to ship, you can have your vehicle at its new destination as quickly as possible given time, distance and some other factors.

Of course, when deciding how to transport your car, the drawbacks must be considered as well. Car shipping is obviously the most safe way, and if you choose shipping over drive away service you accept less risk and fewer miles on your vehicle's engine.

Dependable Drive Away Service

The drivers that Nationwide Transport trusts to handle its drive away service are experienced and thoroughly qualified to move your vehicle, whether you're selling it a long distance or relocating for work, school or otherwise. Like all of our shipping, our drive away service is carried out dependably and professionally, lending you peace of mind that your vehicle is in good hands and will be delivered to the destination at the quoted time.

Call Nationwide Transport Service today to discuss drive away service arrangements with our professional support staff and consider your options for moving your vehicle.

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