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Typically the most common form of freight shipping, dry van shipping occurs in an enclosed box with a maximum length of 53 feet. Customers choose dry van shipping most often for a few reasons

Safety: Dry van payloads aren't exposed to harsh weather and the enclosed packing makes them resistant to theft. Availability: Dry van trucks are simply the most prevalent on the roads, whether the job is locally, regionally or nationally.

When To Use Dry Van Service

Dry vans are usually used for non-perishible items that don't necessitate climate control in their shipping containers, like electronics, canned food and many other consumer goods. A 53-foot dry van is graded to carry 45,000 lbs of cargo.

Nationwide Transport Service has a reliable fleet of dry van trailers available to fill your shipping needs safely and dependably. We can reliably complete your dry van logistics across the country at various load sizes.

Load Sizes

NTS logistics specialists are versatile and experienced enough to expertly ship loads of various sizes:

Full Truckload (FTL): FTL shipping is straightforward and simple. You work with Nationwide Transport to plan a shipment that will occupy the entire trailer in one of our standard dry vans. This method of shipping is used when the freight being moved is plentiful enough to fill one of more trailers. Less Than Load (LTL): LTL shipping occurs when a specific load of freight is considerably less than the capacity of the trailer. In this case, we work with our customers to consolidate orders to maximize shipping efficiency and save you money on your order.

To find a dry van shipping strategy that works for you and your business, contact our service professionals. When you call NTS, our staff will discuss with you the type and grade of your freight, and the best way to ship it to your intended destination to best fill your shipping needs.

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