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Nationwide Transport Service's fleet of reliable flatbed freight trucks is second to none in terms of hauling payloads to their destinations safely and efficiently. Flatbeds are typically used when the material load in question is difficult to lift without heavy machinery like a crane or forklift, or has to be accessed from a difficult or awkward angle.

Leave the Logistics to Us

We understand that your business may have occasional awkward or time sensitive loads to transport across the country. Don't worry- Nationwide Transport Service has a widespread fleet of dependable flatbed trucks, operated by expert logistics technicians available in all 50 states. Leave your valuable load with us and we'll see it through from pick-up to delivery, safely and effectively.

Nationwide Transport Has the Necessary Expertise

Our staff is knowledgeable and experienced, so it's no wonder why so many businesses have entrusted us with their shipping and logistics needs. If you aren't sure if a flatbed truck is the right means of shipping your payload, give us a call. Our customer service specialists and knowledgeable staff will give you the input you need to ship your load in the most effective way for your business and your wallet.

Additionally, Nationwide Transport Service's customer care professionals will get you information you need about insuring your valuable freight and any other remaining questions or concerns that you might have. Call today and trust NTS for your flatbed logistics needs.

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