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What if the cargo you need to transport is larger or heavier than a standard carrier will allow? Nationwide Transport Service can help you out in solving tough logistical issues with the use of our lowboy, wide load bearing flatbed trailers.

The lowboy trailer has two main features that separates it from a standard flatbed:

Increased Cargo Height: The lowboy is capable of carrying cargo that is up to twelve feet tall, due to its lower-set base on the road.

Increased Payload Weight: Lowboy trailers are used to carry heavy equipment and wider loads due to its grade for a heavier payload of cargo.

What Does This Mean for Our Clients?

Nationwide Transport has the expertise and the hauling capacity to complete the toughest shipping tasks you throw at us. The lowboy can haul non-traditional cargo such as large-scale constructon, military and industrial equipment.

At Nationwide Transport, we can combine the power of the lowboy trailer with the dependable shipping service our clients have come to expect from us to reliably transport large machinery and oversize loads with ease.

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