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Nationwide Transport's multi-axle Trailers are used to move especially heavy materials, usually raw industrial materials such as large shipments of rock or bricks.

The main feature of a multi-axle trailer is a powerful hydraulic platform that is graded to carry a higher payload and complete shipping tasks that are too difficult to perform with the use of a regular flatbed trailer.

At Nationwide Transport Services, we take pride in being prepared and able to carry out the toughest shipping tasks with expert service and reliable timing. With our multi-axle vehicles, our capacity to ship tough cargo for your business hits a new level, and allows us to work for you to as a reliable logistical partner.

Multi Axle Shipping Made Easy

When it comes to shipping your most difficult freight, why run the risk of damage or late arrival by trusting any less than the premier shipping company to handle your logistics tasks? NTS can provide expert advice and loading from specialists in the field to make the toughest tasks a breeze for your company.

Call Nationwide Transport today to learn more about our convenient multi-axle transport services and have all your questions answered by our expert staff!

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