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Lowboy transportation is the ideal way of transport when your cargo is oversized, overweight or just plain BIG! A lowboy transport trailer is a semi-trailer with a drop in deck height, the dropp right after the gooseneck (the hitch to the trailer from truck) is place before the trailer's axle to ensure transport of your tall cargo, with a lowboy trailer it offers the ability of transport of items as tall as 12 feet legally. After that you will need to be escorted accordingly to your state. Currently we have - Mechanically-detachable gooseneck's, Mechanical folding gooseneck's (MFGN), Fixed gooseneck's, Mechanical gooseneck's and hydraulic detachable gooseneck's. Any Transport you need we have! Give us a cal!

The Leading Lowboy Cargo Shipper

Due to its increased capacity by carrying cargo extremely low to the ground as compared to a standard flatbed trailer, the low boy trailer can carry cargo and equipment up to 12 feet in height. This makes it the ideal transporter for excessively tall equipment and heavy cargo containers. Additionally, here are some things we use low boy trailers to ship reliably:

lowboy transport trailer

1. Oversized isomodal containers
2. Construction equipment, including bulldozers and front-end loaders of eligible height and weight
3. Farming equipment, like tractors of excessive height or weight
4. All cargo that is too large or heavy for a standard trailer

Low boy shipping is the preferred method of shipping when the cargo being transported calls from an increased capacity and more stability. Nationwide Transport will also navigate the regulatory barriers associated with taking oversized loads of cargo out on the roads, and our drivers have an in-depth familiarity with common shipping routes from coast to coast.

Nationwide Transport Offers a Variety of Low Boy Options

No matter what you need shipped, chances are, if it necessitates a low boy, we've got a piece of equipment that fits the bill. Here are the low boy models we currently offer to meet your oversized cargo logistics needs:

Call Nationwide Transport for Your Low Boy Shipping Needs

Think your cargo needs a low boy to safely be transported to its destination? Take note of the specifications of your cargo, and call Nationwide's team of logistics experts. Our customer service professionals will discuss the details of your job with you, determine what trailer will be most effective to handle your cargo, and give you an accurate price quote right off the bat.

If you have special considerations for your order, like a rushed time frame or a specific site at which you need it dropped off, let us know and we'll handle all the relevant details, freeing up to focus on other aspects.

The peace of mind you can get by working with Nationwide Transport is unmatched, with a reliable team that will transport your oversized load from point A to point B safely, reliably and on-time! Contact us today to get your order started and see how you can get Nationwide working for you today!

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